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This puts the unloading hose or arm under suction so that any leak can be stopped promptly without the need for venting the tank car or truck of padding pressure. DOT MC-310, MC-311 & MC-312 tank trailers are used to transport sulfuric acid over roads and highways with a capacity up to 20 to 23 tons (2600 to 3000 gallons) Tank truck (un)loading procedures are similar to …

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Techflow Marine provides a range of Cargo Offloading & Loading Hoses to provide a means to safely transfer product from fixed offshore installations to shuttle tankers. The hose is normally used for transfer of crude oil and liquid petroleum products. The hose range includes submarine and floating type hoses, in configurations to suit various loading facilities and installations …

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Use a Van Stone flange to connect piping. Bolted Spool Fittings 8 inches or greater are manufactured with gussets. Bolts: 316 stainless steel, titanium, C-276 and Alloy 400. Body: standard PVC, CPVC and polypropylene. Connections: flanged. Size: 1˝ to 12˝. Gaskets: EPDM, Viton® and Viton® GF. Options: siphon leg.

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Bulk cryogenic hose is used for truck trailer and tank bulk loading and unloading of cryogenic liquids such as oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. This hose connection is typically between a cryogenic trailer and a permanently fixed storage vessel. Unisource bulk cryogenic hose is ideal for these appliions. Our hose asselies are constructed using corrugated stainless steel …

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Chemical Hoses; Steam Injection/Mixing; Concentrated Acid Solutions; Flanged Chemical Diffusers Multi-Orifice Design . Flanged diffusers are designed to fit into a flanged additive port. The diffuser flange is sandwiched between the flanged port and a mating blind flange or flanged pipe. They provide an easy method of distributing chemicals throughout the entire pipe …

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The flexible loading/unloading hose asselies are used as the equipment of transport tanks (e.g. road tankers) or loading terminals where they make a part of loading/unloading systems (loading/unloading equipment). The loading/unloading hose asselies and equipment are supervised by special inspection bodies (in Poland – by Transportation Technical …

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standard loading and unloading procedures through the top fittings arrangements of sulphuric acid rail tank cars. While this study is intended to show industry leading practices, including worker safety procedures, each particular loion may require the use of additional, or different, precautions for loading and/or unloading operations to be performed safely, as each site or …

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Sulphur Systems - Procedures - Tank Car Unloading January 16, 2003. Introduction . This procedure is general in nature and as such should be adapted to the specific conditions and procedures existing at the site at the time the operation is performed. Safety. Hard hat, safety glasses, safety shoes, long sleeve coveralls and gloves. Supplied air breathing full face mask …

12233 Condition of use Can be used for coupling hoses or

The coupling is not desirable for high pressure unloading. Condition of use It is an easy but not a very reliable coupling, used only in specific supply chains and mostly for non-dangerous goods. For pressurized unloading the Kamlock coupling can be used for the air/nitrogen pressure hose, not for the product hose.

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Safety Break-away couplings are used to prevent pull away accidents, protect terminal and loading/unloading equipment and eliminated unwanted product release.ndustrial Break-away coupling is utilized all industrial product transfer installations. Marine version of SB Couplings are designed specifically to be installed within a hose string, where the coupling would have a …

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150# Fixed Flange x Hose Shank FST40CS King Crimp Ferrule CF400-XXCS 1 King Crimp Ferrule CF400-XXCS 1 Dry Disconnect Coupler x 4" NPT DDC400AL Heavy Duty Sch 80 King Co. Nipple (male NPT x hose shank) STC40CS 150# Fixed Flange x Hose Shank FST40CS King Crimp Ferrule CF400-XXCS 1 King Crimp Ferrule CF400-XXCS 1 Dry …

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Available with 150# or 300# ANSI fixed or floating flanges. Ideal for heavy duty, high pressure service. Built-In Rubber Flange (BIRF) A full face rubber flange is formed from extended plies of rubber or Duck & Rubber Flange and provides a liquid-tight seal when bolted to a mating flange.

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At GATX, we offer cars featuring acid-resistant, high-bake epoxy coatings or rubber linings, as well as special fittings and unloading systems capable of handling a variety of products including sulfuric acid, oleum, ferric chloride, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and hydrofluorosilicic acid.

Risk Assessment Report

1 Sulphuric Acid 30 MT Tank (2 Nos.) 15 MT NTP Corrosive 2 Jumpers will be provided on solvent handling pipe line flanges. Flexible SS hose will be used for road tanker unloading purpose and other temperature connection. M/s. Bromchem Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Environmental Impact & Risk Assessment Report 6- 10 6.4.3 For Drum Storage area : Some chemicals will …

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RC9 CL2 CHLORINE HOSE The RC9 CL2™ chlorine hose asselies are specifically designed for the safe transfer of chlorine. It is ideal for loading/unloading barges, rail cars, tankers and filling cylinders. Services include Chlorine, Bromine, Sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, and other highly aggressive oxidizers or corrosives. It is light weight, easy …

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m.,r.i brand good quality rubber hoses for loading and unloading different oils. our factory loed at ankleshwar and sales office at muaiwe are manufacturing oil suction and discharge rubber hoses in different lengths,working pressure, end fittings,tmeperature etc as per customers requirements.kindly email your purchase enquiry to …

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Additional Information Supplier Crimp Specs are available for some of Eaton''s Industrial Hoses. To access this crimp solutions database, first select the hose you are interested in (on this page) and then click on "Supplier Crimp Specs" just right of the product image.Once in the tool, enter the wall thickness of your hose and the database will provide the fitting and ferrule or sleeve

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hose material for sulfuric acid with fixed flange. APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR HIGH PRESSURE LEACHING OF . fixed cutter drill bits to drill through various acid (e.g., nitric acid, sulfuric acid, flange 129 to lower end 120b; outer surface . Liquid filling device. its exposure to sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid fix the inlet water pressure to a desired flange 86 therein so that the …

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Hose cut to length, asseling of hose tail and clamps, mounting accessories, testing (electrical conductivity and pressure test if applicable), additional marking, quality control and issuing of test certifies. ELAFLEX HIBY is certified to issue conformity declarations according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive. Prior to dispatch the hose assely is marked according to

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Choose from our selection of sulfuric acid hose, including over 550 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.

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Chemical Hose / Acid Resistant Hose is available in almost limitless variations of chemical and acid-resistant tube/reinforcement/cover materials and thicknesses custom-engineered to handle most corrosive fluids.. Acid and chemical transfer requires a hose that provides maximum safety and protection for materials being conveyed, and the environment in which they are conveyed.


Specifically designed for the loading and unloading of acid and caustics such as hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid, the Emco Wheaton loading arm for chemicals offers ease of use and safety features specifically tailored to appliions with corrosive materials thanks to a protective PTFE lining. Suitable for closed and open top loading/unloading of road and rail tankers with …

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ISO 10380 Corrugated metal hoses and hose asselies ISO 10806 Fittings for corrugated metal hoses End Fittings: A full range available in mild steel, stainless steel, brass and copper. See page I 046 Temperature Ratings: As with most materials, elevated service temperatures will reduce the allowable maximum working pressure. valid for a working temperature of 20°C with …

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These hoses are used for appliions such as transferring acids, solvents, and petroleum products to or from storage containers in industrial plants and spraying pesticides, fertilizers, and paint. Bulk chemical hoses can be cut to the desired length and compatible hose fittings can be added to the ends of the hoses to create custom hose asselies. Chemical hose …

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Sarneshwar Steel & T. C. Fittings. SS Hose Bellous Hose. ₹ 600 / Meter (s) Rajsuri Steel House. Stainless Steel 6 Meter SS Hose Assy with Flange and End Fittings, For Industrial. ₹ 1,500 / Piece. Hydraspace. Stainless Steel Flexible Hose, Size: 1 Inch, Packaging Type: Wooden Box. ₹ 1,200/ Nuer Get Latest Price.

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Industrial Rubber Hose Beaded ends or swivel flanges are the most common hose termination. The ability for the flange to swivel before tighten allows for easy bolt hole allignment and also allows hose rotation to maximise hose wear without the need to remove the assely. Fixed flange spigots can be built into the assely in most flange styles and materials. These are …

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Fittings and interior lining of the hose should be resistant to the concentration and temperature of acid being handled. All hoses should be reinforced to achieve the desired pressure rating and the outer covering should be abrasion resistant. The outer covering should also posses some resistant to the acid being handled since spills in the vicinity of the hose are inevitable.

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Metline is a specialist manufacturer of stainless steel flexible hose pipes with flange ends, in a wide range of end connections and sizes. We can offer ss flexible hoses with stainless steel flanges or mild steel flanges. We manufacture corrugated flexible metal hoses in SS AISI 304, 321, 316 & 316-L conforming to BS 6501 : Part 1 : 1991 / ISO

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Sulfuric acid was discovered in the 8th century by an alchemist named Jabir Ibn Hayyan. When sulfur compounds are burned, sulfur dioxide gas is left behind. When sulfur dioxide gas is heated to 450 degrees, the coination turns into sulfur trioxide. Jabir Ibn Hayyan mixed sulfur trioxide with water to create sulfuric acid. A century later, Ibn Zakariya al-Razi, a Persian physician and

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Chemical hoses are intended for liquid chemicals both organic and inorganic (acids and bases, salt solutions, paints and varnishes, solvents, etc.) They are used for the transfer of chemicals in chemical processing, transfer and loading/unloading of liquid chemicals (e.g. tank trucks, rail tankers, IBC containers), for diverse technological processes in the chemical, food, …